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The Rehearsal

Cast: James Rolleston, Kerry Fox, Alice Englert

Making art from life at school.

Rated MA

Director Alison Maclean

ECU Joondalup Pines

Tickets $13.50–$18

  • Drama

Awards & Reviews

‘A drama that’s as piercing as it is potent.’


Making art from life at school.

At a prestigious Auckland drama school, a class of nervous first-year students meet their intimidating new teacher, Hannah (Kerry Fox). Stanley (James Rolleston; The Dark Horse, 2016 PIAF) is the least confident of the bunch, but comes to life when the class is told to devise an end-of-year play. He suggests they adapt a real-life scandal involving a tennis teacher and Victoria, a girl they all know. Stanley’s classmates are energised, but what he doesn’t reveal is that he’s dating Victoria’s sister... Spiky, funny and with a gripping finale, The Rehearsal is a class Kiwi act.

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ECU Joondalup Pines

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Alison Maclean



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