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Creating Alice-Miranda: A Review by Kid Curator Ella Popham

Tuesday 14 March 2017

Ella Popham reviews the Curated by Kids Session Creating Alice-Miranda.

During the Perth Writers Festival Family Day, Jacqueline Harvey and my fellow curators Michelle and Genevieve, took a normal interview and stepped it up to the next level. Involving ‘You don’t see that everyday’ facts, cool ways to explain her thrilling writing style and, most of all, FUN!

Our guest author doesn’t just imagine the boarding school in which the novels are set. As she was telling us, she worked as a teacher in a boarding school for many years before she put pen to paper and became the wonderful author of the two series you know and love: Clementine-Rose and, of course, the beloved Alice-Miranda.

As Jacqueline was telling us, she only planned for 3-5 books in the Alice-Miranda series but once she finished writing those books, ideas just kept popping up in her head. New places Alice could go, new people she could meet, and before she knew it, she had written 15 books! But it didn’t stop there, ohhhh no, she’s still going with her latest book having just come out: Alice-Miranda Holds The Key. Hang on, that makes 16 books, in 1 series. WOWZA! That is a lot of books, and popular ones too. I don’t know the exact number of girls around the world who love Jacqueline Harvey and her two brilliant series, but if I did I’m sure it would be a huge number.

Throughout the series, Alice-Miranda has visited many exciting locations: Japan, China, Alaska, Paris… Jacqueline hasn’t visited everywhere that Alice-Miranda has, but she would love to. Don’t worry though, she has managed to get to quite a few of the settings, just not all of them. To research the settings she was unable to visit, she spoke to the local people. They answered many of her questions, then for even more information and description, she looked on Google Earth to see it for herself whilst she created her cool books.

Jacqueline explained that, as the author, she feels it’s as if the little girls at Winchesterfield-Downsfordale School for Proper Young Ladies are her own little girls in real life. She said that if she felt that feeling, then she hopes that we, as readers, feel it even stronger.

Overall, I think that our Interviewer, Genevieve, had very good questions which were answered brilliantly by Jacqueline Harvey, our guest author. Host Michelle spoke beautifully and the session was a complete success.

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