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Kid Curator Book Review: The Bone Sparrow

Thursday 9 March 2017

Our 2017 Kid Curator Benjamin Babriecki review's Zana Fraillon's latest book The Bone Sparrow.

The Bone Sparrow by Zana Fraillon is a sad and emotional book that is set in a refugee camp located in Queensland. It raises awareness to the inhumane ways refugees are being treated whilst held in Detention centres across Australia and overseas.

The main character is Subhi a boy who has spent his whole life in a detention centre after his mother had to flee from her home country because of extreme violence. Subhi has never seen the outside world except through the metal fence diamonds that surrounds the camp.

Later on in the story we meet a girl named Jimmy who lives with her older brother and Dad in a small run-down town near the refugee camp Subi lives in. She manages to find her way into the camp one day and becomes friends with Subhi. Together they discover the stories that are in Jimmy's deceased Mother’s diary.

I recommend this book for ages nine and above because of the descriptive language and the graphic scenes described.

Overall this book is a GREAT read! I would recommend it to almost anyone. It will break your heart with some chapters and make you happy in others! Zana Fraillon has truly written an amazing book!

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