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The Mystery of Friendship: A Review by Kid Curator Michelle Loh

Thursday 9 March 2017

Michelle Loh reviews the Curated by Kids Session Rainy Days.

As part of the Curated by Kids Program at the Perth Writers Festival Family Day, we were fortunate to have Julia Lawrinson and R.A. Spratt in attendance. These two extraordinary authors have both written stories based on a similar theme, friendship, in their books Flyaway Girls and Friday Barnes, Danger Ahead. They were both interviewed by young curator, Genevieve Clements, aged 9.

R.A. Spratt announces her arrival with a loud blaring fanfare on her trumpet. She always carries around an orange trumpet and plays it wherever she goes. Julia Lawrinson also has a talent. She is an actor in her own right –performing in a comedy trio and appearing on television and performing in the WA Youth Theatre Company.

In this sensational session, R.A. Spratt and Julia Lawrinson told us about their daily writing routines, the development of their ideas and their inspirations when writing their books.

'Every character in a book should have a friend, but frenemies are way more fun', Julia stated. R.A. Spratt and Julia Lawrinson’s answers were realistic and heartfelt to all who experienced them.

Here are some words of wisdom from these two fine authors.

'You have to feel things and emotions strongly to be an author.'

'Just imagine Friday Barnes as an eleven year-old Sherlock Holmes.'

'One of my strategies is, that I write a shockingly brilliant book that delights the reader and then when I get to the end, I put in a cliffhanger ending to madden them and make them want to read the next book.'

R.A. Spratt and Julia Lawrinson were unbelievable and very entertaining guests to have at the 2017 Perth Writers Festival Family Day. They provided us with some insight into the art of writing and shared their secrets behind the mystery and importance of friendship.

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