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PIAF Blog: Feature

Perth Writers Festival Blog

Thursday 27 April

2017 Perth Writers Festival: Audio Recordings

The 2017 Perth Writers Festival featured a jam packed program with over 150 events taking place over four days. Relive some of your favourite moments as we bring you a selection of podcast sessions to enjoy in your own time.   

Lotterywest Festival Films Blog

Thursday 27 April

2017 Lotterywest Festival Films Audience Award Winner

A life-affirming celebration of the power of music to uplift and unite has taken out PIAF’s 2017 Golden Deckchair.


Wednesday 1 March

Speak Easy

Festival Navigator Ruth Little explores the PIAF 2017 works that give children a voice.


Monday 27 February

Museum of Water: A Community of Water

Museum of Water opened in WA with two busy, beautiful days at Cottesloe Beach as part of PIAF 2017. Our first bottle of the day came from Fireman Luke Frazer-James, just rushing off to a job – the water that keeps him and the crew going all day.


Tuesday 21 February


Festival Navigator Ruth Little explores the thought, feelings, stories and histories contained in objects.


Tuesday 14 February


In our daily lives, to ‘turn your back’ on someone is to reject or ignore them, to offer them nothing. Why, then, do two absorbing, expressive and humane works in PIAF 2017 begin with performers facing away from their audiences? 


Friday 10 February

Visual Arts Essays

In introduction to the PIAF 2017 Visual Arts Program.

Lotterywest Festival Films Blog

Friday 20 January

Just Announced! Season Two of the Lotterywest Festival Films

Lotterywest Festival Films Season Two has some of the hottest new international films of 2016 and early 2017.


Monday 5 December

John Akomfrah and the Challenges of the 21st Century

In this candid interview about art and the world, distinguished British filmmaker John Akomfrah OBE reveals what compels him to address some of the most urgent challenges facing humankind in the 21st century.

Lotterywest Festival Films Blog

Thursday 17 November

Lotterywest Festival Films Competition

Get ready for an incredible summer of international cinema.