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Friday 5 May

PIAF Announces new board member

Perth International Arts Festival is delighted to announce David Flynn has joined its Board of Directors.

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Friday 17 February

Q&A with YA Author Peadar O’Guilin

Young Adult author Peadar O’Guilin describes his latest fantasy novel The Call as ‘a Harry Potter where everybody dies’. It’s no wonder the Irish novelist thinks that YA literature is the best way to get your heart racing.

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Wednesday 15 February

Meet Travel Author Agustinus Wibowo

To say that Indonesian travel writer and photographer Agustinus Wibowo has a passion for adventure and linguistics is an understatement – he has spent most of his life travelling to the far reaches of the world and currently speaks 16 languages. In his latest book Zero, his travels bring him home to spend time with his dying mother, a woman who lived her entire life in one small village.

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Wednesday 15 February

Dan Box on Bowraville and the Power of the Podcast

Crime reporter Dan Box turned Australia’s least known serial killings into front page news with his gripping podcast Bowraville.

Hear more from the award-winning journalist before his Perth Writers Festival sessions Cautionary Tales and Bowraville and his workshop The Power of the Podcast with Dan Box.


Friday 10 February

Family-friendly, Fun, Fabulous – and FREE!

There is so much happening during PIAF 2017 that you can enjoy without having to part with any cold hard cash. Gather your friends and family and dive into some of these unforgettable events.


Wednesday 21 December

The Midnight Run – Running in the Dark

Chris Isaacs from The Last Great Hunt tells us about teaming up with PIAF’s Artist-in-Residence Inua Ellams to deliver The Midnight Run to Perth.


Tuesday 6 December

Museum of Water – Something in the Water

Still waters run deep for Amy Sharrocks. The ebb and flow of life is distilled in Museum of Water, Sharrocks’ collection of messages in bottles with a grandiose name but a back-to-basics approach to museology.


Monday 21 November

PIAF Announces New Festival Executive Director

We are delighted to announce that Nathan Bennett has been appointed as executive director of PIAF for a five-year term. 

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Tuesday 15 November

Songs of a War Boy

Deng Adut was a Sudanese child soldier who suffered a childhood filled with war, persecution and trauma, until he was rescued and eventually brought to Australia as a refugee. Now he is our 2017 NSW Australian of the Year. Read about his incredible journey before he joins your 2017 Perth Writers Festival.


Monday 14 November

Meet Yarmila Alfonzetti

If she goes a week without her regular concert fix, Yarmila Alfonzetti begins to go through serious symphony withdrawal. She listens to podcasts about Beethoven and curates some of the most prestigious music programs around the country. Meet our Classical Music programmer.