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PIAF 2017 Wrap!

Wednesday 8 March 2017

The 2017 Perth International Arts Festival has wrapped up after an overwhelming popular and critical response to an inspiring program of art without borders.

The 65th Festival opened and closed in spectacular style with two highly acclaimed world-premiere PIAF commissions.

More than 110,000 people took an extraordinary walk of wonder and inspiration through Kings Park for the Lotterywest Festival Opening WeekendBoorna Waanginy: The Trees Speak. Over the final weekend, Geelong’s world-renowned Back to Back Theatre dazzled audiences with Lady Eats Apple, which transported people on an adventure of mythical proportions inside a vast inflatable theatre within the Heath Ledger Theatre.

The $17 million PIAF 2017 brought together more than 700 of the world’s most brilliant artists for more than 240 events, one-third of them free.

Complete the picture of PIAF 2017 by reading these responses from the media, audiences and artists.


PIAF 2017 Program

'Wendy Martin has programmed a festival with a passionate sense of social and moral purpose, celebrating the land shared with the Noongar peoples of Western Australia, addressing environmental and asylum concerns and nurturing artists with disability.' Keith Gallasch, Real Time Arts on PIAF 2017

'Artistic director Wendy Martin launched her meticulously curated festival, which runs from February 10 to March 5, and features 24 days of beauty, whimsy, fun, entertainment and thought-provoking works.' Tanya MacNaughton, Community News on PIAF 2017

'We have come to expect a strong dance program from PIAF Artistic Director Wendy Martin, and her second program lives up to expectations.' Claire Trolio, We Love Perth on PIAF 2017

'Wendy Martin has wrested the program back to a very local focus after the extravagances of England-born director Jonathan Holloway (2012-15).' Michaela Boland, The Australian

'The $17 million PIAF 2017 was the second program for artistic director Wendy Martin and brought together more than 700 Australian and international artists for more than 240 events, one-third of them free. About 360,000 people enjoyed a program of free and ticketed events that included five world premieres, 11 Australian exclusives and 24 sold-out shows over the past three weeks.' William Yeoman, The West Australian

Boorna Waanginy: The Trees Speak

‘Perth festival opens with an exquisite million-dollar spectacle – and an urgent warning.’ Steph Harmon, The Guardian

‘Perth International Arts Festival's free opening night event stole the show…  A spectacular and moving promenade through Kings Park… It was a fitting act of cultural and ecological awakening in a work that thrilled with sound and light and story, while also educating the huge crowds it attracted (some 110,000 over the course of the weekend) about the land that binds us all together.’ Cameron Woodhead, The Age

Boorna Waaginy certainly shows how public arts events can engage with local communities…Its effects look set to make a real difference in the years ahead. If only every cultural project could be so effectively interventionist.’ Clive Paget, Limelight Magazine

‘The trees had a tale to tell in Kings Park and [110,000] people of Perth were listening. The illuminated park came alive with a show of light, sound and imagery highlighting the beauty and diversity of the six seasons of south Western Australia.’ Annelies Gartner, The West Australian

‘My son who lives in Sydney tells me Boorna Waanginy made the news over there! I returned on Sunday (my non-volunteering night) for a walk through and could understand the 'wonder' I saw on the faces of many people as they left the event.’ Jennie, PIAF Volunteer


The Gabriels: Election Year in the Life of One Family 

‘No hours of watching cable TV, or reading screeds of new analysis will take you –with brilliant insight and compassion – to the epicentre of America’s distress like The Gabriels.’ Victoria Laurie, The Australian

‘By the time the ending of the final play creeps up, it becomes clear that there’s something epic about the mere act of living through a year with family … You can be certain that you’ve borne witness to something quite special.’ Ben Neutze, The Daily Review on The Gabriels

‘Surely is one of the most germane pieces of theatre being shown anywhere in the world. The Gabriels is a singularly remarkable piece of theatre, and, for what it’s worth, was my pick of the festival.’ Tim Douglas, The Australian on The Gabriels

‘Audiences should jump at the chance to experience such immersive modern theatre with relevant political overtones.’ Ross McRae, The West Australian on The Gabriels

Against all theatrical rules, there’s almost no dramatic action, but as the gentle conversations unfold around the table, you feel the urge to lean in and listen intently.’ Victoria Laurie, The Australian on The Gabriels

The cast slips into these characters as if they were comfy pyjamas; sitting with them for eight hours, you almost feel like part of the family.’ Cameron Woodhead, The Age on The Gabriels

The Gabriels will stay with you long after you leave the theatre (and hopefully long after Donald Trump has been impeached and put behind us. Do see it.’ Clive Paget, Limelight on The Gabriels

The Encounter

The Encounter is a unique piece of theatre and an absolutely remarkable feat of storytelling. It is a work that will stay with you, and become part of you, for a long time to come.’ Belle Taylor, Perth Now on The Encounter

Upon exiting the Perth opening night of The Encounter it felt like coming out of a trance. An immersive, hypnotic theatrical experience unlike any other experienced before in Perth, the 110-minute production plays with your perception of reality, time and space.’ Ross McRae, The West Australian on The Encounter

‘The journey he [Richard Katz]  takes us on is mind-bending and hallucinatory… McIntyre’s encounter is fascinating and well worth exploring further, and the technology used to tell his story is wondrous.’ Cicely Binford, Perth Arts Live on The Encounter

I attended the premiere of the incredible show The Encounter last night.  WOW!!  This was hands-down one of the best shows I have ever seen.  We took 31 students who sat transfixed on the edge of their seats throughout.’ Caitlin Wills, Director of the Arts, Sacred Heart College on The Encounter

A O Lang Pho

A O Lang Pho is a hypnotic display of acrobatics and juggling with beauty in moments of simplicity that soar into daring feats of spectacle… [showing] the rhythm of Vietnamese life and it is a rhythm worth experiencing.’ Tanya MacNauhghton, Community News on A O Lang Pho

A O Lang Pho weaves more than a little magic in a circus show that is gloriously original and culturally enriching.. Surprisingly beautiful, humorous and joyous, there's oh so much to love about A O Lang Pho.’ Jay Hanna, Perth Now on A O Lang Pho

‘The acrobats, jugglers and contortionists show that even among all the chaos there is a place where harmony can still exist. The crowd was treated to multiple encores from the high-energy troupe members who were clearly enjoying their time on stage as much as the audience did their performance.’ Annelies Gartner, The West Australian on A O Lang Pho

‘In performing sublime movement on stage, the Nouveau Cirque du Vietnam are powerful storytellers – the 70 minute circus event presents an evolution from village to city. A story of progress with its gains and losses.’ Claire Trolio, We Love Perth on A O Lang Pho

Opus No. 7

The brace of arresting, visually exciting one-act pieces from Moscow’s Dmitry Krymov Laboratory that make up Opus No. 7 take famous stories and reimagine them in broad strokes of colour and movement… many wonders in a show that is no picnic. Opus No. 7 is a feast.’ David Zampatti, The West Australian on Opus No. 7

‘For most, it is rare that a particular work changes how I think about performance. For me, I believe that Opus No. 7 is that work. It is innovative and compelling viewing, thoroughly original and sublimely entertaining. It is shows like this that the Perth International Arts Festival exists to showcase, and I would implore you to take the opportunity.' Dylan James, Australian Stage on Opus No. 7

It is one of the most visually spectacular shows you will see... Opus No 7 shows the power of inventive imagery in expressing moods and ideas.’ Belle Taylor, Perth Now on Opus No. 7

The only words heard in the powerful 60 minutes are the words of Shostakovich himself, translated via subtitles. And of course his music: the instantly recognisable jarring combination of swagger and fear, pathos and playfulness, completing the requiem.’ Rosalind Appleby, Limelight Magazine on Opus No. 7

His poems are unexpectedly traditional and instantly accessible. Heavily alliterative and drivingly rhythmic, they skirt the border of rap and are a sturdy vehicle for Ellams’ story and an entertainment in themselves.’ David Zampatti, The West Australian on An Evening With An Immigrant

A master class in quality storytelling, and in the art of capturing and holding an audiences attention… An Evening with an Immigrant is a compelling and captivating work that is capable of moving you to laughter, to outrage and perhaps even to tears. Ellams is a wonderfully gifted storyteller and poet.’ Simon Clark, The AU Review on An Evening With An Immigrant

‘Ellams’ story is as vital as his work, and An Evening With An Immigrant marries the two for a highly relevant, eye-opening show… He's just so down to earth that it never felt like a show, but an intimate conversation with a good friend.’ Daniel Morey, Isolated Nation on An Evening With An Immigrant

The Year I Was Born 

This Argentinean/Chilean production is both a compelling piece of theatre and a deeply moving act of remembrance and reconciliation... We rarely see Latin American works in Australian arts festivals… I hope we see many more.’ Richard Watts, ArtsHub on The Year I Was Born

The great takeaway from The Year I Was Born for me was the intimacy of revolution, oppression and resistance.’ David Zampatti, The West Australian on The Year I Was Born

The Year I Was Born is a spirited and honest look at Chile’s not-so-distant past, and provides an intriguing political history by showing how it impacted a range of families throughout two generations.Cicely Binford, Perth Arts Live on The Year I Was Born

Small Voices Louder

‘Small Voices Louder is an immersion into a place where imagination meets real life – and certainly the world needs to hear more of it.’ Jo Pollitt, Big Kids Magazine on Small Voices Louder

‘How many stars out of 5 would you rate your experience: Eight billion, three hundred thousand, three hundred and thirty two!’ Aria, age 7, Big Kids Magazine on Small Voices Louder

Before I spoke I felt really nervous but after I had put my statement out there, I felt on top of the world and that I had really done something for myself.’ Zigge Gray, Curated By Kids on Small Voices Louder

‘Small Voices Louder is such an amazing experience… I feel grateful and delighted that Alex Desebrock created an event that allowed the children of Perth to have their own say and to address the big questions that even adults find hard to answer.’ Michelle Loh, Curated By Kids on Small Voices Louder

I am nine years old and I found it fun and joyful and I also found it interesting and easy-to-explore. My favourite was the end, each of us standing outside facing the world shouting out our answers to the final question.’  Genevieve Clements, Curated By Kids on Small Voices Louder

Part two sees their playful, insightful and refreshingly honest responses broadcast across the airwaves and in unexpected spaces around the Festival – for everyone to hear.’ Caprice Burrows, Perth Kidz on Small Voices Louder

The Midnight Run

Over the course of one night, 40 strangers become friends. You will walk with them, dance and eat with them, lie under the stars with them and reveal parts of yourself that you normally don’t talk about. At midnight, you say goodbye to those around you, thankful for the camaraderie earned from a shared experience that has brought a rejuvenating perspective in such a fast-paced, often uncaring world.’ Ross McRae, The West Australian

'Inua Ellams’ The Midnight Run is an enjoyable and rewarding art filled night-time sojourn… I would certainly take part in something like this again, and certainly would recommend it to all.' Simon Clark, The AU Review on The Midnight Run

Lady Eats Apple

Each of the huge tableaux that make up the show is chaptered by a stupendous visual effect (the director, Bruce Gladwin, and designer, Mark Cuthbertson, should take a bow), the last of which dragged a sotto voce, awestruck profanity out of me.’ David Zampatti, The West Australian

‘Engaging and disarming, Lady Eats Apple is a welcome addition to the PIAF line-up. It is not only a celebration of diversity, but a celebration of struggle, of vulnerability, of humanity, and the experiences that unify us. In a world where people with disabilities are so often rendered invisible, it is well worth seeing what happens when they take the limelight.’ Dylan James, Australian Stage

‘Lady Eats Apple is an amazing, immersive, mind blowing production that is filled with deep meaningful themes, great humour and theatrical spectacle. It’s a show that will set your mind on a meditative journey of discovery.’ Graham Watson, Out in Perth

The Manganiyar Classroom

‘The boys enter like snails creeping unwillingly to school. An hour later, when they prance off stage to the beat of drums, they’ve delivered an exuberant and utterly adorable show at the end of our festival season. . . . When, finally, the boys leap on to their desks, the big dhol drums and khartal hand clackers appear, and the whole stage erupts in a riot of percussion, we should have been ashamed that we weren’t dancing with ecstatic abandon in the aisles along with them.’ David Zampatti, The West Australian

‘It was spontaneous, virtuosic music making and a powerful demonstration of the life affirming power of community music making. The audience response was ecstatic.’ Rosalind Appleby, Women of Note


The Dark Mirror: Zender's Winterreise

‘This kind of ambitious, one-off event is perfect Festival fare, and so credit to PIAF for bringing it down under... the viewer is given permission to join hands and journey alongside Bostridge’s fractured traveller on his bleak winter voyage of the soul. Take the trip – if you dare.’ Clive Paget, Limelight on The Dark Mirror

‘Bostridge’s slender form stalking stage and scaffold like a slightly demented stick figure from a Lowry painting as the WA Symphony Orchestra under the urgent, responsive conducting of Baldur Bronnimann painted an equally lucid picture of dejection and despair.’ William Yeoman, The West Australian on The Dark Mirror

Vuyani Ensemble

It’s a blend that melds into beautiful music, made splendid by their attractive personalities, superb harmonies and the rich history of South African culture. No matter we cannot understand the words; we understand the feeling of the music.’ Ron Banks, The West Australian on Vuyani Ensemble

Octete-a-tete, Brodsky Quartet & Calder Quartet

Here was all the sparkle and spontaneity one could wish for in a performance, from the explosive development section of the opening Allegro and the serene tension of the Andante through the swift, elfin dexterity of the Scherzo to the edge-of-your-seat excitement of the final Presto.’ William Yeoman, The West Australian on Octete-a-tete

A meeting of two legendary ensembles; a profound dialogue between eight magnificent artists; the frisson of friendly rivalry.’ Rosalind Appleby, Noted on Octete-a-tete

Chamber Music Series

‘Fear, fun, fury, frivolity fascinate both ear and mind… For many of those who gathered in Winthrop Hall at the weekend to experience the compositions of one of the 20th century’s greatest musical minds, the result might well have been a wholly fulfilling experience.’ Neville Cohen, The West Australian on Brodsky Quartet

‘After nearly two hours of music making of great refinement and camaraderie, it was clear that this was a youthful supergroup of unfettered imagination and immense control; a perfect match.’ Rosalind Appleby, Limelight Magazine on Australian String Quartet & Arcadia Winds

Classic Flow Yoga

The Perth debut of Classic Flow Yoga was a calming, meditative success… the exercise has proven that it’s possible to draw new audiences to chamber music as well as incorporate health and wellness into the broader festival.’ Athanae Lucev, Broadsheet Perth on Classic Flow Yoga

‘What a beautiful yoga practice this morning at the Classic Flow Yoga. Music, yoga, fresh air and beautiful setting. Simply exquisite.’ Meesha Stacks, via Instagram on Classic Flow Yoga

‘Classic Flow Yoga this morning with Lara Zilibowitz was absolutely beautiful, there was live, classical music from a cellist, pianist and a choir during the yoga sequences in a gorgeous setting outside. It was a wonderful experience, thank you PIAF and everyone involved!’ Via Instagram, on Classic Flow Yoga

Soft Soft Loud

‘Directed by cellist Matthew Hoy, Fremantle Arts Centre’s innovative outdoor new music series Soft Soft Loud continues to thrive, and is coming up for its tenth year… the idea of Soft Soft Loud is to leave your preconceptions at the door. You won’t always emerge as a convert at the end. But you’ll have had your ears opened.’ William Yeoman, The West Australian on Soft Soft Loud



‘Celebratory and harrowing, Maqoma demands to be seen and heard… Gregory Maqoma’s potent one man dance performance Exit/Exist has special resonances that cannot fail to go unnoticed.’ Clive Paget, Limelight on Exit/Exist 

‘Gregory Maqoma’s Exit/Exist is a transcendent beginning to PIAF 2017 [and] a brilliant word of sound and vision. Maqoma moves within a rich world of sublime music, referencing folk and contemporary dance, and expresses the nobility of a triumphant spirit.’ Cicely Binford, Perth Arts Live on Exit/Exist

‘Hypnotic journey through history… The musicians play a vital role — both the audience and Maqoma himself are possessed by the sonorous sounds of those singers. The audience rose to its feet at curtain call on Saturday night, entranced.’ Nina Levy, The West Australian on Exit/Exist


‘This psychological drama, with its mix of narrative, text and dance, superb lighting and perfect array of music, sound and silence, is visually arresting, emotionally involving and quite simply magnificent. Betroffenheit is one of those shows where you think you must have done something right to have been granted the privilege of seeing it.’ Rita Clarke, The Australian

Betroffenheit  is dazzling, difficult, bold and brave. Its brutal, yet beautiful exploration of grief will rock you to your core.’ Jay Hanna, Perth Now on Betroffenheit

Betroffenheit is a physical transcription of something deeply personal and ongoing. It is brutal, guttingly moving, and at times even harrowing, but also achingly beautiful and accomplished.’ Maxim Boon, The Music on Betroffenheit

Never before has a show disturbed, frightened and entranced me more than Betroffenheit … confronting, intimate and one of the best theatre experiences of my life.’ Peri Watson, Australian Arts Review on Betroffenheit

A visually immersive work that combines elaborate sound design, brilliant lighting, meticulous choreography and great performances… Betroffenheit is filled with traumatic emotion, a devastatingly raw, but rich, theatrical experience.’ Graeme Watson, OUTinPerth on Betroffenheit

Betroffenheit is a bleak unrelenting stare at raw human grief, which, like a Tim Winton novel in its final moments gives a glimpse of light.’ Rosalind Appleby, Limelight Magazine on Betroffenheit


‘Director/choreographer Antony Hamilton and composer Alisdair Macindoe gave an exceptional performance on opening night, their almost beatifically deadpan faces belying the concentration needed to pull off this work.’ Nina Levy, The West Australian 

‘PIAF artistic director Wendy Martin's 2017 festival has an especially strong contemporary dance component and Meeting is a unique, interesting, meritorious inclusion. Incorporating complex and inventive technology, Meeting pairs sound and movement in 55 minutes of absorbing performance.’ Margaret Mercer, Dance Australia


Chevron Festival Gardens

‘The Gardens, by the way, make an excellent venue. It was possible to create the intimacy of a theatre as well offering the freshness of the open air. What better way to spend one of Perth’s lovely, balmy, summer evenings?’ Carol Flavel-Neist, ArtsHub

‘The Festival Gardens went out with a bang on Sunday night. Toro y Moi produced one of the shows of the festival with a set of confident synth-pop that in its showmanship and chill-wave cool could only have come from Los Angeles. Despite a couple of exceptions (hello Aristophanes), the headliners have also provided more hits than misses — Jambinai and Warpaint in particular — and Toro y Moi ensured 2017 ended on a big high.’ Harvey Rae, The West Australian on Toro Y Moi

‘This is PIAF in a microcosm: new artists shoulder-to-shoulder with established acts; local talent showcased alongside international drawcards; great music that is inventive and unique, yet complementary. PIAF reminds us that the arts are the heart and soul of our community.’ Shane Pinnegar, 100% Rock Magazine on Skye & Ross

‘The audience was unanimous: this event had been one of those truly rare performances where expectations were blown away, replaced with the sensation of having witnessed something very unique. If you weren’t there on Thursday evening, you may experience real feelings of regret, as this was certainly one of the early calls on gig of the year.’ Chris Havecroft, X-press Magazine on Jambinai & Gold Class

‘Four uniquely talented, individualistic women who blur the lines between hypnotic, sensual and simply beguiling… could well be the best gig of this year’s PIAF contemporary music season.’ Harvey Rae, The West Australian on Warpaint

‘The Perth International Arts Festival (PIAF) stage sits under the stars and a cascade of fairy lights at Elizabeth Quay. The evening was an instrumental exploration of the spectrum of human emotion, almost playing like parts of a symphony… that made for a particularly emotionally stirring experience.’ Elise Ross-Adjie, Avenoir Magazine on Explosions In The Sky

‘Sosa's playing is compelling… The backdrop in the Chevron Gardens is mesmerising with the tall skyscrapers lit up behind the stage and the atmosphere created by stunning lighting effects – this was truly an immersive experience.’ Mariyon Slany, Arts Hub on Omar Sosa Quarteto Afrocubano

‘L-Fresh finished the set by explaining that at parties in the Punjab region of India the crowd screams ‘Bala Bala Bala’ as a party raiser, and the whole crowd obliged - L-Fresh knows how to get a party started… The place was buzzing, but the night was only just beginning.’ Belle Taylor, Perth Now on Aristophanes and L-Fresh the Lion

‘The ambient, intimate, open air mini-stadium that is the Chevron Festival Gardens was graced with [Beardyman’s] incomparable presence... There were so many highlights in this incredible show.’ Amy Seven, X-press Magazine on Beardyman

‘My engagement that evening was with Archie Roach, who broke my heart and made me laugh all in the space of an hour.’ Peter Bibby, X-press Magazine on Archie Roach

One of the better moves that the Perth International Arts Festival has made this year is to include support acts to the shows at the Chevron Festival Gardens.’ Chris Havercroft, X-press Magazine on Warpaint

‘Another scoop in this year’s PIAF lineup saw them secure enigmatic indie rocker Kurt Vile in solo mode for a sit down intimate affair… this evening was a rare treat, getting up close and personal with a true troubadour of our times.’ Alfred Gorman, X-press Magazine on Kurt Vile


‘An intensely absorbing experience with an understated and abiding beauty…through the combination of songs, animation, and stories Flit is a life-affirming reminder of unity.’ Sarah Day, X-press Magazine on Flit

The purity of the voices of Becky Unthank and Adam Holmes in their mournfulness carry a powerful feeling of leaving and longing… Flit is certainly a different kind of theatre experience.’ Ron Banks, The West Australian on Flit


PWF is fast becoming the premier medium-sized writers festival in Australia… We’re all in it together. Readers, writers, organisers, volunteers, facilitators sharing the most intimate of spaces and the largest love of literature.’ William Yeoman, The West Australian on Perth Writers Festival

‘The 2017 Perth Writers Festival edition was my first experience of the event. I’m confident it won’t be my last… The evening felt like we were afforded a highly engaging peek into the personal lives of five strangers. More than that it made me consider… perhaps I should write a letter.’ Nina Levy, We Love Perth on Courtyard Sessions: Women of Letters

‘This is an exciting program, one which will be well received by hardcore readers and writers looking for serious inspiration.’ Tabetha Beggs, So Perth on Perth Writers Festival

'The Perth Writers Festival was such an opportunity to meet and listen to the wisdom of many national and international authors… very well executed and set up…along the sun-soaked campus… flexible and ultimately a success.' Alex Mee, Avenoir Magazine on Perth Writers Festival

'Marwa al-Sabouni’s address brought us back into connection with what is happening in the world. Despite the horror of the destruction in her city, she showed how hope can and must spring from the worst experiences. In its passion and visual power, her address proved a fitting ending to the 2017 Writers Festival, with its theme of ‘big visions and bold ideas’.' Michele Druoart, ArtsHub on Perth Writers Festival

‘Curated by Kids: inspirational to hear kids asking questions of authors with humour, warmth and a sense of fun’ Katie McAllister, Twitter on Perth Writers Festival

‘Best audience ever!’ Armando Lucas Correa (Perth Writers Festival Guest), Twitter on Perth Writers Festival

Loving it! Spending 2 days listening to inspirational authors, buying books and getting them signed for prosperity.’ via Instagram, on Perth Writers Festival


‘Today there are festivals in every major city and in several minor ones, but the visual arts are marginal to proceedings. The exception to the rule is the Perth International Arts Festival.’ John McDonald, Sydney Morning Herald

‘Capone has been able to create an emotional and melancholic atmosphere while simultaneously capturing the catharsis of a new day, and the hope that it brings with it.’ Shannon Wren, The AU Review on Forgiving Day For Night (PICA)

'Forgiving Night for Day, which is arguably the standout work in the festival, is a seven-channel video installation featuring seven Portuguese fado singers’ John McDonald, Sydney Morning Herald on Forgiving Day For Night (PICA)  

‘Above all, Interstices is fun. Brooches feel like beautiful frozen explosions, while works such as Lucky Dick (for Hillary Clinton) and the large, immersive installation Ghost Train — the trains are ghosts of eels! — are as funny as they are thought-provoking.’ William Yeoman on Interstices (LWAG) 

 ‘The dark spaces of the gallery provide an excellent venue for Akomfrah’s moody and elusive two and three- channel film installations… Together these works wash over you with a powerful, timely, layered and incredibly beautiful aesthetic.’ Laetitia Wilson, The West Australian on John Akomfrah (John Curtin Gallery)

A chance to pass on the love of the game to the next generation.’ Sarah Collard, ABC Perth on Before The Siren

‘I had the biggest proudest girly smile on my face through the whole performance! Loved loved loved it!’ Lizzie, via Facebook on Before The Siren

The survey exhibition Interstices, part of the Perth International Arts Festival, spans 25 years of Britton’s diverse and prolific practice… Britton has made a new series of necklaces that respond to the colours and textures of the Western Australian coastline.’ Tracey Clement, Arts Guide Australia on Interstices (LWAG)

Virtual reality is exciting for Australia, offering an opportunity to bridge the gulf between major population centres and remote communities.’ Andrew Taylor, Sydney Morning Herald on Collisions (PICA)

‘This is probably the first genuinely creative and thoughtful use of VR I have encountered in an art gallery. We get a story that links past and present with a vivid sense of place, as Wallworth contrasts the managed burn-offs of Indigenous fire-farming with the destructive cataclysm of the explosion.’ John McDonald, Sydney Morning Herald on Collisions (PICA)


‘Perth International Arts Festival’s film manager Tom Vincent’s distinctive 2017 program includes several films by high-profile international directors. This program offers plenty of choices to sit back and enjoy cool summer nights under the stars as you take a cinematic journey around the world.’ Annelies Gartner, The West Australian


‘Thank you all for helping make this extremely valuable event happen. Richard Nelson’s insights and comments were engaging, fascinating and validating. It was such a pleasure to play a small role in connecting writers to this opportunity.’ Vivienne Glance, PIAF Connect on Richard Nelson’s The Gabriels Masterclass

'It was a privilege to be in a masterclass with Richard Nelson, he generously offered insight into his writing and directing process openly and freely. Thanks to PIAF for bringing practitioners of such high calibre to Perth.' Meg Shields, Richard Nelson's The Gabriels Masterclass

‘It was truly an incredible experience for our staff and students. I actually had a few Primary students who refused to leave the first open rehearsal of the afternoon because they were so interested in hearing the Brodsky Quartet… The power and ability of the quartet through their technical prowess was inspiration for the young and old.’ Jeanette Teh, PIAF Connect on Brodsky Quartets’ Open Rehearsal at St Stephen’s School

‘PIAF Connect is a series of events that allows artists and arts lovers to engage with some of the brilliant minds visiting our city. As one of the most isolated cities in the world this kind of artistic cross-fertilisation is crucial for our arts community. The priceless thing this kind of event provides is a window into a theatre maker’s sensibility, their way of being in the room and their quality of attention. And it was a much needed chance for some of the Perth arts community to get together in a studio and play! Thanks PIAF Connect!’ Barking Gecko Matt Edgerton (AD for Barking Gecko)

‘The Kidd Pivot Improvisation workshop with Eric Beauchesne through STRUT was incredibly rewarding and engaging for me as a dancer. The event was well organised, we were received with warm reception and the environment was professional and inclusive.’ Celina Hage

‘It is fantastic to have access to international artists of such renown as Complicite's Richard Katz. He was knowledgeable, approachable and engaging. I feel so lucky to have had access to the this workshop through PIAF. It is essential for isolated Perth artists to gain connection with international industry.’ Libby Klysz 

'Thank you for offering the masterclasses, as a teacher of drama, this professional development was invaluable. It refreshed my practical skills (The Encounter) by being able to participate in practitioner activities that I have either only read about or have not had the opportunity to engage in since university.' Danielle Morache, The Year I Was Born & The Encounter Masterclasses

'As a Perth based artist I really appreciated this opportunity to learn and connect with the international artists who have travelled here for PIAF. Expanding our knowledge in Perth is really valuable.' Rachael Woodward, Richard Katz – Complicite Masterclass

‘The Masterclass was amazing-thanks for facilitating it.  I have been a huge fan of both Molly and Rolf's work for a very long time and their approaches to storytelling are indeed relevant to my role at the New Museum Project (NMP).’ FTI Masterclass attendee, on Tracking Country: Rolf de Heer and Molly Reynolds


‘Thank you kindly and sincerely for involving me on Boorna Waanginy – along with Home last year, it has been the fulfilling culmination of message and medium, the gift of collaborating with Noongar elders and being witness to their wisdom, and working with a team who shared a fragile aim and tireless tenacity to see it realised. I thank you for giving me that opportunity; I shall hold it close.’ Kingsley Reeve, Project Creative on Boorna Waanginy: The Trees Speak

‘This has been the best screening so far.' Director John Butler, following his Q&A at UWA Somerville with the Australian premiere of his film Handsome Devil


‘Great to see Perth people out walking with kids, friends and lovers … and the pride in what we have on our doorstep.’ Tourism WA Board Member Howard Cearns on Boorna Waanginy: The Trees Speak

Boorna Waanginy is truly remarkable. It was a wonderful experience for all West Australians to enjoy. It gives you a real sense of place and pride.’ Chair Lotterywest Heather Zampatti, on Boorna Waanginy: The Trees Speak

‘Boorna Waanginy was a spectacular and moving celebration of the convergence of ideas that is taking place between Noongar culture and Western science. Not only did the collaboration provide insight into the fragility and complexity of the South West environment, but it also helped to promote respect and understanding of Aboriginal culture and knowledge amongst the broader Western Australian community.’ Department of Aboriginal Affair, acting Director General Vaughan Davies


‘Truly extraordinary and powerful. Thank you to everyone who made it happen, it is something I will remember forever.’ Patron, Facebook on Boorna Waanginy: The Trees Speak

‘Wow! What a spectacular & educational show. Exceeded my expectations and I felt honoured to be able to participate in such a wonderful event. I also found the event quite sacred in a way & it certainly left me thinking about what is happening to our native flora & fauna.’ Patron, Facebook on Boorna Waanginy: The Trees Speak

‘Oh, THANK YOU PIAF! How blessed we are to have been witness to, and recipients of, this beautiful gift. My heart is still dancing. A fine example of how art can be so instrumental in generating inclusion, awe, respect and understanding.’ Patron, Facebook on Boorna Waanginy: The Trees Speak

‘To all who made this event come together, you have excelled and should be applauded. To Transperth who provided excellent travel options, thank you, we got there quick and easy. Perth is such a liveable city... get out there people and experience it. Thank you Perth.’ Helen, Facebook on Boorna Waanginy: The Trees Speak

 ‘I could not be more proud to be an Australian as I walked along Fraser Avenue last night.  The production was superb, and so many people were there to enjoy and marvel at such creative excellence.' T OS, Friend of the Festival on Boorna Waanginy:  The Trees Speak

‘The whole evening worked well for us, walked to the park and back and enjoyed the spectacular show along Fraser Avenue. What an amazing outcome with the weather clearing at just the right time. We were so impressed we plan to go again tonight to appreciate the amount of creativity and work so many people have put into its success.’ SK, Friend of the Festival on Boorna Waanginy:  The Trees Speak

‘Another fabulous Perth Writers Festival. We thoroughly enjoyed the weekend with both thought provoking and entertaining sessions.’ KW, Friend of the Festival on Perth Writers Festival

‘Thank you PIAF for presenting this series of plays over one day. This work moved me greatly, through its gentle capture of conversation of the everyday kind that can take place amongst family and friends. The cast manage this without presenting a stage voice whilst we, the audience sit as if in the room with them. For anyone trying to make sense of the US and its current political machinations, see this trilogy and weep. Brilliant!’ Geraldine, Facebook on The Gabriels

‘I saw Betroffenheit on the weekend and it was, without a moment's thought, the most extraordinary piece of theatre I've seen - after the performance on Friday night I purchased last minute tickets for Saturday and would have gone on Sunday as well if I didn't have a flight to Melbourne that morning, stupid Melbourne … Thank you for an incredible experience.' Anne, email on Betroffenheit

‘LOVED this show! Amazingly skilled dancers/performers, inventive dance language, text bytes, fab set, costumes, lighting, score....will stay with me forever. Thank you PIAF!!’ Simone Flavell, Facebook on Betroffenheit

‘My hubbie and me had a fantastic night. Blackalicious got the crowd rocking. We were so lucky with the weather too. Thanks PIAF.’ Sacha, Facebook on Chevron Festival Gardens and Blackalicious

‘I try to get to every Somerville screening and it's a highlight of my week. However I got to experience it with fresh eyes when I was I took my Studio Ghibli loving 17 year old niece to see The Red Turtle and to experience Somerville for the first time. Her reaction of ‘Wow!  This is like being in Lothlórien!!!’ was priceless and it made me reflect on how lucky we are to have such a beautiful venue to see some amazing movie.’ UWA Somerville patron, on Lotterywest Festival Films

‘I saw The Teacher and Julieta, both amazing movies, both evenings a lot of fun with friends, picnic, laughter and tears. Thank you for showing us a glimpse into other worlds.’ UWA Somerville patron, on Lotterywest Festival Films

‘My boyfriend bought/made me a picnic basket for my birthday, four days before Christmas. He then bought me tickets to see The Red Turtle at Somerville, UWA for Christmas so I could use my picnic basket. I am still in awe of how fairy-forest the venue felt. It was magical.’ UWA Somerville patron, on Lotterywest Festival Films

‘I LOVED Toni Erdmann, haven't laughed so much at a film for ages- the naked party scene is genius. Loving this season!’ UWA Somerville patron, on Lotterywest Festival Films

Paterson by Jim Jarmusch is very charming, delicate, slow and precise, and has somewhere at its centre that glorious poet William Carlos Williams. A deeply satisfying evening under the stars at Somerville at UWA.’ UWA Somerville patron, on Lotterywest Festival Films

‘One of the best films I have ever seen [Like Crazy].' UWA Somerville patron, on Lotterywest Festival Films

‘An incredible night at PIAF with Rolf de Heer telling the hilarious story of working with Miles Davis on his film Dingo, which was shot in Meekatharra, Perth and Paris. Better still, the film was shown on pristine 35mm projection... It's believed to be the first 35mm screening in Perth for many years and Rolf hung around to watch it.’ via Instagram, on Tracking Country: Rolf de Heer and Molly Reynolds

‘What an unforgettable experience to see Rolf de Heer's spine-tingling The Tracker on the big screen at PIAF 2017 - and there are more de Heer classics playing at the State Library theatre all weekend including the amazing 10 Canoes.’ via Instagram on Tracking Country: Retrospective Rolf de Heer and Molly Reynolds

‘My 13-year-old saw this yesterday, along with a talk from Rolf de Heer! Can't wait to see it.’ via Instagram, on Tracking Country: Retrospective on Rolf de Heer and Molly Reynolds