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Small Voices Louder: Genevieve Clements Review

Monday 20 February 2017

Small Voices Louder is the interactive work that asks children life’s big questions in fun and unexpected ways.

We asked our nine year old Kid Curator Genevieve Clements what she thinks about Alex Desebrock's  Small Voices Louder

‘I found it fun and joyful and I also found it interesting and easy to explore.’

Small Voices Louder is an indoor interactive activity. With lots of fun activities that involve kids, this 45 minute display gives kids, and only kids, an opportunity to answer some big questions in life. For example: What is worrying? What is bravery?

My experience was amazing! I found it very interesting – with eight tents, questions and great decoration that made it so relaxing and fun. The room was cool and quiet. We each took a path and tiptoed up to a tent, then we took a look inside and learned and explored while talking our answer aloud to the question that life asks.

There is a microphone in each tent to record the children's answers and ideas and then it gets edited and broadcasted around Perth. You will get to hear it all around town because there are speakerphones at the festival and public spaces.

I recommend ages seven to 13, as this show is for young kids to have some fun but it can also be for older kids to learn and explore about big questions like these. I am nine years old and I found it fun and joyful and I also found it interesting and easy to explore.

My favourite was the end, each of us standing outside facing the world shouting out our answers to the final question …



Listen below to responses that children have given at Small Voices Louder. These will be broadcast across the airwaves and at unexpected places around the Festival.

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