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Small Voices Louder: Navaneeth Nanda Review

Monday 20 February 2017

Small Voices Louder is the interactive work that asks children to explore and think big.

We’ve asked our Kid Curator Navaneeth Nanda what he thinks about this playful show.

‘It gives a shout out to the world that sometimes the smallest voices have the biggest ideas and have the potential to shape the world tomorrow.’

An interactive child friendly show, which explains how the brain works through showing, Small Voices Louder is a show for children aged 7–12 and is a kids-only event that is designed to allow children to have a say about the world they share with adults. I was lucky enough to be able to review this fabulous show where we question and explain the way the world is today.

Children are designated to one path in the brain. They follow it to a teepee with a question outside it. Then, they enter the teepee and answer the question. In some teepees, the microphone is hidden in something while in others, it can be seen. Their answers are recorded, edited and then played around the city. Look out for a big yellow megaphone. Inside the teepees are some objects that have to do with the question outside. In most cases, this is where the microphone is hidden.

The show illustrates how the brain works with neurons travelling along paths to create big ideas. It allows children to understand this by telling them that they are neurons and the crêpe paper lines are the paths in your brain.

Small Voices Louder asks some very current and important questions that the children answer insightfully to. They are reminded that sometimes the world should listen to what children have to say as well. The questions are presented in a way that will help young children give great answers for international themed questions that would be hard for them to understand otherwise. In the final five minutes of the half hour show, the kids are given one last surprise question – What does the world need to hear? The kids then run outside to a big yellow megaphone that they use to tell all those around them what their answer was. This not only allows children to be heard by people but also reminds the parents that they should also listen to their children.

However, there was some confusion trying to determine which teepees were free and which were occupied. There were also some problems when some children were waiting outside teepees waiting for those ahead of them to finish their answers.

Overall, the session was amazing. Set in a peaceful and calming environment, the kids could give their best ideas about the world. It gives a shout out to the world that sometimes the smallest voices have the biggest ideas and have the potential to shape the world tomorrow. It reminds children to speak and reach out to the world and that they matter too. All in all, this show makes small voices louder.


Listen below to responses that children have given at Small Voices Louder. These will be broadcast across the airwaves and at unexpected places around the Festival.

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