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Small Voices Louder: Zigge Gray Review

Tuesday 21 February 2017

We ask our Young Curator Zigge Gray to review Small Voices Louder – our outspoken interactive show just for kids.

'I really felt that there were no boundaries with what I wanted to say'.

Small Voices Louder is a show where children are given a chance to express opinions on big questions and to get their opinions heard. It is an interactive group show of kids only, and is split into two parts. The first part involves exploring questions and speaking ideas that are recorded as audio.  These audio bits are edited and put around various places in Perth. The second part takes you outside the State Theatre, where the children state an opinion through a megaphone that they came up with in the workshop.

In part one you chose a partner and follow pathways where you would see a question and would enter a tepee. There would be a microphone in the tepee where your quotes will be edited and cut to be shown at various places around Perth.

To be honest I felt very nervous when I first walked in the studio but after one minute I felt really welcome and thought of. I really felt that there were no boundaries with what I wanted to say. I felt very independent and I felt a lot stronger because I didn’t have anybody correcting me. 

I also like that she stated the full rundown to us kids and how she seemed like she really believed in kids and valued our ideas and told us what and how everything was going to happen. I also loved that no matter what you say, you should be heard.

The next part of the show was going out and with a microphone and stating an opinion. This part was probably my favourite because we used a microphone and had our voice heard across one of the big intersections in Perth. We all took turns to get our opinions out there. Before I spoke I felt really nervous but after I had put my statement out there, I felt on top of the world and that I had really done something for myself.

I think the Small Voices Louder show was a great idea and a great thing to be part of and experience. 


Listen below to responses that children have given at Small Voices Louder. These will be broadcast across the airwaves and at unexpected places around the Festival.

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