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Top 5 Picks: Jeffrey Jay Fowler from The Last Great Hunt

Tuesday 14 February 2017

It was easy to pick my shows for PIAF this year – my method was to get tickets to everything I could feasibly attend. No, that's not a joke. There is not a show in the program that didn't stir some kind of interest in me. But there are five shows I'm especially keen for.

1. The Gabriels Marathon

I bought tickets to this marathon of theatre on the understanding it told the story of a US family across an election year, and on the assumption that by the time I saw it Hillary Rodham Clinton would be the president of the USA. Things turning out differently have only increased my interest in this show, especially the final chapter, set on the day of the US election.

I love long theatre, because it demands that we sit together and really, deeply think about the work that is being presented. It isn't an apologetic hour, or a standard two – to make an all day work is to say: ‘No, this is important, let it take you over, give yourself and your thoughts to it and see what you get in return’. The current political climate of the US and the world is worth that kind of attention.

2. A O Lang Pho

I go to circus because I love watching people do something that I know I will never be able to do. But I'm especially keen for contemporary circus and circus from other cultures because it not only provides wow factor but it also feeds the imagination.
A O Lang Pho is a circus that doesn't rely on traditional shtick, and will surely be an escape for the mind. Also – hot circus bodies.​

3. An Evening with an Immigrant

The Last Great Hunt, the artist collective of which I am a part, are thrilled to be working with Inua Ellams for the project
The Midnight Run. In his solo show (that also features in the Festival) An Evening with an Immigrant, through story telling and hip hop he's giving the population of Perth a chance to do something very important: hear and understand someone else's story. Of course it's one of my top picks of the Festival because a) his reputation precedes him and my expectations are high, and b) I want to know how stories from outside our isolated little bubble can resonate here. What will the conversation at the bar after the show be like?

4. James Vincent McMorrow

I'm seeing James Vincent McMorrow and I imagine that anyone that knows me will be surprised to find this in my top five. Actually, my sister Gina is taking me along to this, and that's why it's earned its place. Because the Festival isn't only about seeing the shows that stand out to you, it's about seeing the shows that excite other people and going out to have a good night with them. In return for taking me to James Vincent McMorrow, I will be taking Gina along to some of the more challenging performances PIAF has on offer.

5. Betroffenheit

Dance is not my art form, so I always make sure to see dance at PIAF. This dance-theatre fusion is described as being full of raw human emotion and is about bewilderment and disaster, so I can't guarantee myself that I will ‘enjoy’ Betroffenheit. Rather I am expecting to be challenged by it, and to get to a feeling that I can't forget for a long time. The trailer up on the PIAF website is chilling. Maybe this is the one I should take Gina to?




Honourable mentions to The Encounter, The Year I Was Born and Opus No. 7.

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