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Maren Ade




Maren Ade (her surname is pronounced “ah-day”) is a Berlin-based screenwriter, director, producer and teacher. Prior to her breakthrough success with Toni Erdmann she directed two other feature films, and produced the films of Portuguese director of Tabu (2013 PIAF), Miguel Gomes. Toni Erdmann was in completion at the Cannes film festival, where it received the highest ever review score at that festival. It is the 2016 International Federation of Film Critics Film of the Year, and is Germany’s submission to the Best Foreign Film category at the 2017 Academy Awards.

Writer-Director: Toni Erdmann, 2016; Everyone Else, 2009; The Forest for the Trees, 2003

Producer: Toni Erdmann, 2016; Arabian Nights: Volumes 1-3, 2015 (dir. Miguel Gomes); Tabu, 2013 PIAF (dir. Miguel Gomes)