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Nouveau Cirque du Vietnam

A O Lang Pho

Circus turns tradition on its head.

A Lune Entertainment Production. A Théâtre Sénart, Scène nationale, Cirque-Théâtre d’Elbeuf, Pôle national des Arts du cirque – Haute Normandie co-production


Regal Theatre

Tickets $25–$65

  • Theatre
  • Circus
  • Family
  • Post Show Discussions

Awards & Reviews

‘Surprisingly beautiful, humorous and joyous, there's oh so much to love about A O Lang Pho.’

‘4.5 stars’

‘Will leave you spellbound.’

‘This is the most extraordinary show I've seen in quite a while. Tuan Le has captured this culture and elevated my theater-going experience by taking me on a journey of beauty, love and time.’

‘See it before the world talks about it.’



Circus turns tradition on its head.

The Nouveau Cirque du Vietnam make their Australian debut with a production set to amaze and delight the whole family. Accompanied by live music, a cast of 15 acrobats and five musicians whisk us away to a village in Vietnam with a dazzling array of juggling, balancing, contortion and daring feats.

In A O Lang Pho, the serenity of rural life is dashed by progress and a once quiet hamlet becomes a bustling city where traditional Vietnamese music (Cai Luong) gives way to hip hop. Bamboo baskets are ingeniously repurposed to create peculiar creatures and spectacular stunts.

Thrilling, funny and surprising, A O Lang Pho celebrates the cultural traditions of Vietnam with breathtaking contemporary circus.

Read more about A O Lang Pho and Nouveau Cirque du Vietnam here.


Recommended for ages six and above.

70mins no interval

Post Show Discussion
Sun 19 Feb, 6pm


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Regal Theatre

Includes dialogue, music or sounds
Wheelchair access

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