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Amy Sharrocks

Museum of Water at Stretch Festival

Be part of water history in WA!

Produced by PIAF and Artsadmin

UK/Western Australia

Mandjar Square, Mandurah

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Every drop tells a story – be part of water history in WA

Museum of Water travels to Stretch Festival to collect your water and stories.

Museum of Water is a collection of publicly donated water that tells stories of the place and people of Western Australia. It is an exhibition of moments from everyday life – the ritual of our mornings, the first summer rain, the glass of water by our bed, a secret swimming spot. It is our collection of joyous adventures, family, desalination, irrigation and thirst.

Starting on a street corner in London Museum of Water has journeyed across the UK and Europe over the last four years. The WA edition will travel across the state for the next year collecting water along the way from WA people.

To donate or view the collection come visit us in Mandurah and bring some water that means something to you.


Choose your water
Find a bottle to put it in 
Tell us why you brought it

Water collected at Stretch will be part of a major exhibition in PIAF 2018, before becoming part of the WA Museum's permanent collection.

For all enquires about the Museum of Water contact [email protected]

Dates, Times & Access

Museum of Water Opening Hours

Mandjar Square, Ormsby Terrace, Mandurah

Sat 6 May, 11am–3pm

Sun 7 May, 11am–3pm

Please allow 15–30 minutes to speak to a custodian if you wish to donate.

Museum of Water at PIAF 2017

Museum of Water at PIAF 2017

Explore what happened at Museum of Water during PIAF 2017, which included a program of free local events.


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