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Alex Desebrock

Small Voices Louder

Little people have big ideas.

A Maybe ( ) Together production. Produced by Performing Lines WA.

Western Australia

Upstairs, State Theatre Centre of WA

Tickets $16

  • Family
  • Theatre

Awards & Reviews

‘How many stars out of 5 would you rate your experience: Eight billion, three hundred thousand, three hundred and thirty two!’


Little people have big ideas.

A show in two parts where youngsters get to explore a fun and interactive installation of cupboards and cubby holes that encourage them to have their say on some of life’s big questions. What does the world look like today? What makes you angry? What does the future look like?

Part two sees their playful, insightful and refreshingly honest responses broadcast across the airwaves and in unexpected spaces around the Festival – for everyone to hear.

Sometimes children’s voices are exactly what the world needs to hear.

Small Voices Louder is a kids-only event. Parents can enjoy a moment of quiet in the adjacent foyer while their children explore, discover and enjoy the performance in a safe, supervised environment. 


Recommended for ages 7–12 (or reading age). It is not suitable for children 6 and under, or children who cannot read.

Small Voices Louder is an immersive experience for children. Part of the experience involves participants crawling on the floor and into tepees. Due to the nature of the performance, it is not recommended for participants in a wheelchair. Please contact PIAF for more information regarding this performance on 6488 5555 or [email protected] 

Audio Recording

As part of the performance, children’s responses to a series of questions will be recorded.
The recording will record only the child’s voice (audio). No visual image of the child will be recorded and the child's name will not be used.
During and after the Festival, PIAF and the artist may use or broadcast the audio for its purposes:

  • at Festival venues and other public spaces; and
  • on digital platforms such as websites and social media.  

By consenting to your child attending the performance you also consent to the recording and the broadcast of your child’s responses in this way.


Listen to the responses that children have given at Small Voices Louder. Keep an ear out on radio stations and unexpected spaces around the Festival where they will be broadcast.

Dates, Times & Access


Fri 10 Feb–Sun 5 Mar
Sat and Sun, 10am, 10.45am, 12.30pm. 1.15pm, 2.15pm and 3pm


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