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Inua Ellams

The Midnight Run

An inventive, arts-filled night time walking tour.


The Streets of Perth

Tickets $36

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‘Ellams’ poetry gleams with a dusty, worn, deeply original beauty.’


An inventive, arts-filled night time walking tour.

Join the The Midnight Run and explore the streets of Perth.

Inua Ellams teams up with Western Australian artists to create an interactive tour of discovery.

To become a Midnight Runner™ is to return to simplicity, to be entertained by real experiences of the city you never knew existed. Trust in your fellow travellers and the art of conversation to move through the city as a child moves through a maze – with natural play and wonderment.

The Midnight Run in Perth was developed in collaboration with The Last Great Hunt

Please note: The ballot for tickets to The Midnight Run has now closed. If you have been successful in securing your ticket you will be notified by Friday 13 January. For any queries, please contact PIAF box office on 6488 5555 or [email protected]. 

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Inua Ellams


PIAF Conversations: Celebrating Other Voices

PIAF Conversations: Celebrating Other Voices

Join a panel discussion with artists who create space for other voices to be heard – the voices of those that may be ignored, marginalised or overwhelmed by the chatter of the mainstream.


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